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The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other partners have established a new project to produce Tanzania Human Development Reports (THDRs). The current initial phase of THDR project which extends between February 2013 and June 2016 will result in producing two national Human Development Reports namely THDR 2014 and THDR 2016. The project is being funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and executed by Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) as the project’s Implementing Partner (IP). Other project’s collaborating partners are:- The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Department of Economics University of Dar es Salaam, Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA).

Tanzania Human Development Report Project is country based, country driven and country owned. It is focusing on national perspectives on human development in addressing priority themes, emerging trends, opportunities and challenges. It is envisaged that Tanzania Human Development Report project will promote national policy dialogue among variety of national perspectives basing on the identification and analysis of development alternatives. Although THDR is not a consensus document it serves to inform policy making and build shared visions. THDR will feed into the broader global HDRs, hence the need for the themes to resonate with those of the global HDRs. However, since global HDRs usually skip many issues at the national level, themes that address critical country specific issues will be a priority in THDR. When appropriate, THDR can focus on sub national areas such as states, regions, or even districts.

Objectives and rationale of Tanzania Human Development Report project is linked to:-

(i) Expansion of the country’s developing strategy to include poverty reduction (through MKUKUTA) and growth (through medium term development plans and vision 2025).

(ii) Reinvigorated interest of achieving broad based growth aiming at reversing experiences of last decade and ensure that the majority of Tanzanians enjoy the benefits of economic growth.

(iii) In recognition of outstanding contribution of Poverty and Human Development Reports (PHDRs) in MKUKUTA monitoring: to support the continuation of national efforts of monitoring medium term development strategies and vision 2025.

Implementation approach for THDR project involves building on best practices from other countries and UNDP in strengthening national capacity for producing national human development reports and their use with the intention of promoting sustainable human development. THDR project has three main components/result areas namely:-

(i)Research and Analysis:This is the project’s major component aiming at ensuring that Tanzania Human Development Reports with futuristic contents are produced over a number of years. Some of the key activities of research and analysis component of THDR include defining research problems, assembling evidence, identifying research techniques and instruments to be employed as well as assessing whether data needed are available and reliable. These research and analysis activities aim at yielding high quality analysis that informs credible policy proposals.

(ii) Database systems:An important component project component dealing with management collection and analysis of data. This component works closely with official sources of data i.e. National Bureau of Statistics and other MDAs. Through database component, THDR project assists in devising strategies for improving the quality of data. Database component constructs Human Development Index and other useful indices disaggregated at regional and district levels and produces a regular statistical abstract on trends and patterns of human developments in Tanzania.

(iii) Dissemination and advocacy: An important project component dedicated for dissemination of THDR findings to influence policy decisions for improved sustainable human development management. THDR project employs several levels of dissemination including stakeholder deliberations of research results of the report, other dissemination platforms targeting stakeholders who are supposed to act on recommendations from the report, as well as media briefs which are being disseminated through dialogues and debates. THDR has dedicated a full-fledged website for the project.

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